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2022 Adult Mission Trip to Paradise, CA

This year, we return to Paradise, CA to work with HOPE Crisis Response Network on rebuilding homes lost in the Camp fire a few years ago.

The trip will be from September 25 - 30.

For more information, please view these materials, which includes the complete application to join in the fun!

Or contact Joyce Cox via email.

Adult Mission Trips

The Community Church of Sebastopol has a long history of community service and it seemed only natural to find a way to reach out to our more distant neighbors in need.

laying brick

Our youth groups at The Community Church have traveled all over the US on their mission trips, helping communities rebuild, offering help to the elderly, the poor and the under served and have returned to tell their stories of amazing, life-changing experiences. Adults at The Community Church wanted to have that same experience and so our first adult mission trip was organized.


Starting with the first trip in 2001 to Nicaragua to help build schools with Seeds of Learning, to teaming up with Habitat for Humanity in 2012 to help rebuild homes devastated by tornados in Alabama, our adult mission trips seek a different experience each year, but each share in the same satisfaction of reaching out to help someone in need.

We have been to New Orleans several times to help with the devastation from Hurricane Katrina and we traveled to Indiana and Tennessee to help families whose homes were ravaged by floods - each time our team comes back tired and sore, but reenergized.

Read about one mission trip experience here. And when you are ready to sign up for the next adult mission trip send us an email!

2018 Adult Mission Trip: Lake County, California - June 3-9

We are headed to Lake County to work on recovery from the Valley Fire which burned 76,000 acres, destroying 1,300 homes. We will be working with Hope City. This is a great opportunity to help our neighbors and enjoy the camaraderie of our group on a special mission. We always get a a lot done and have a good time in the process!

We will be staying in Middletown, in a dormitory with separate accommodations for men and women. Both skilled and unskilled labor is welcome. You must be able to work in a hot environment and tolerate group living. Participants must be at least 15 years of age. Flexibility and patience are key for the success of the experience!

Information packets are available in the church office or you can get a copy right here. Applications and $100 fee due by March 15. There will be a brief meeting of all participants on Sunday, March 18 at 9:30 am in Faith Chapel.

2016 & 2017 Adult Mission Trips: Weed, California

The community of Weed in Northern California was hard hit by the Boles fire in September of 2014, loosing more than 150 homes – a third of the town’s residences – were incinerated, as were the library, the food bank, two churches and a community services organization housed in a 100-year-old building.

18 people from the Community Church of Sebastopol signed up to travel to Weed and work with Habitat for Humanity to help with the rebuilding efforts. The group worked on two separate sites. The first group came into the project ready to build a cinder block foundation approximately four feet high. Our church team leader, Chris Dawson partnered with Habitat for Humanity and our Habitat leader was a phenomenal octogenarian who worked circles around the rest of us! It was hot work and no shade, but we had the most beautiful view of Mt. Shasta and a great sense of camaraderie, topped off with a job well done! We completed the entire foundation during our work week, surpassing all expectations and made the site ready for another team to come in the following week.

Our second work group helped a young family continue the work on their home to get it closer to move-in ready. This was their first home, purchased just weeks before the fire destroyed the area. The two-story structure needed the exterior calked and primed for painting and the entire interior of the house needed insulation and sheetrock. Our church team leaders John Henel and Sean Wood rallied our team members, working through the heat of the day to nearly complete the entire job. The homeowners were so grateful for our help and gained a new-found energy to carry on with the job, getting the house move-in ready with just a few more weeks of work.

2015 Adult Mission Trip: Monmouth County, New Jersey - June 7-13

There are still 10,000 families displaced by Super Storm Sandy that hit the east coast two years ago! Our team of 9 adults headed to Monmouth County, New Jersey and worked with Rebuild New Jersey in one of the hardest hit and poorest areas of New Jersey. The group worked tearing down a damaged garage, removing an overhead deck, clearing a field of weeds, framing new construction, installing insulation, and installing sub flooring. The hard working crew presented a report to the congregation on August 23 - some of those pictures will be available here soon.

2014 Adult Mission Trip to Bergen County, New Jersey

Our Adult Mission Trip crew has returned from New Jersey, safe and sound, but very tired after a week of hard work. We have few pictures posted below and we can look forward to more soon.

The group worked with Rebuilding Together on a wide variety of projects from demolition to insulating to sheetrock to painting. Their skills and hard work impressed all of Bergen County! And they enjoyed a well-deserved night on the town Wednesday night.

work group workers workers workers workers workers relaxing workers workers

Senior High PF Mission Trips

The Sr High PF is back from their mission trip... here are a few pictures...

Day One in San Diego

Junior High PF Mini-Mission Trips