Community Church of Sebastopol

United Church of Christ

Putting our Faith into Action

1000 Gravenstein Hwy North       707.823.2484

Interested in Joining?

Step 1: Attend Worship

Attend worship and find out if you would like to become an official member of the Community Church of Sebastopol.

Step 2: Attend a New Member Orientation

New Member Orientations are held every few months. Contact the office to find out when the next orientation will be held.

Step 3: Participate in the Life of the Church

We welcome your full participation as a member in the life of our church. As members, we commit to:

  • Attend Sunday services as regularly as life allows
  • Deepen spiritually by participating in one church program
  • Serve faithfully with the church in the wider community
  • Share our financial resources so the church may thrive
  • Aspire to a leadership role
  • Tell others about the church and why it means so much to us

Frequently Asked Questions…

      1. What if I can’t make it to the next orientation?
      There will be another orientation in a few months, so you can attend the next one.
      2. What if I can’t make it to the joining ceremony?
      We’ll have you join in absentia, then introduce you on a subsequent Sunday.
      3. Do my kids join with me?
      While all baptized people, including infants, are members of the Body of Christ, local church membership is for anyone over confirmation age (14 or so). Children are invited to join us for the orientation lunch and we would love for them to be with you during the joining ceremony.
      4. What if I still have questions after the orientation?
      Our pastors can be available during the week, in person or over the phone, to continue in conversation.

    Membership with Integrity

    By Rev. Dr. Benjamin J. Broadbent, Senior Minister

    When we receive new members into the life of Community Church they will stand with others seeking to affirm their Baptism and join this local church making promises to participate in and support this fellowship of the beloved.

    On that day, they will be asked to answer to the following, updated, versions of questions found in the Book of Worship of the United Church of Christ:

      • Do you desire to affirm your baptism and to say, ‘Yes, I want to participate in the faith and family of Jesus Christ?’ ‘I do.’
      • Will you resist the powers of the world which demean people and harm the earth, and do you desire the freedom to be fully yourself in Christ? “I will and I do, strengthened by your prayers.”
      • Will you strive to deepen your understanding of what it means to follow Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior? “I will, relying on the Holy Spirit.”
      • Will you attempt, by the grace of God, to follow in the way of Jesus as his disciple, to resist oppression and violence, to show love and justice, and to embody the work and word of Jesus Christ as best you are able? “I will, with the help of God.”
      • As a member of the church of Jesus Christ, do you intend to grow in the Christian faith, joining in the dynamic movement of God’s people in this local congregation and as part of the global church by sharing in its joys and sorrows, listening to and learning from people older and younger, and by sharing your own gifts and perspectives so that together we may celebrate Christ’s presence and serve this community and the world in Christ’s name? “I do, by God’s grace.”

      Further, they will make promises, along with other new members, to try to live into the following expectations that comprise a “Member in Good Standing” of The Community Church of Sebastopol, also known as “Membership with Integrity”:

        1. To take this church to be our faith community.

        2. Endeavor to deepen spiritually in the Christian faith, accompanying the other members of this church in faithfulness and love.

        3. To attend services of worship, and to observe the sacraments, as regularly as life allows.

        4. To support the church regularly and generously from within our various financial circumstances.

        5. To aspire to a leadership role, as each is able.

        6. Serve faithfully as the church in the wider community, sharing with others the meaning and purpose of or covenant.

      For those of us who are already members, we will be asked to commit to these promises along with our new members so that we might build together a community of deepening trust, faithful commitment, and palpable joy.

      Please contact the church office or call the office at 707.823.2484 if you have any questions.